1. User registration and login
Enter your email address to apply for a user account

2. iCarScan device activation 

Enter the S/N and A/C (Activation Code) in the password envelope to activate the iCarScan device. 

3. iCarScan device installation 

Step 1: Find the OBDII port, which is usually located underneath the dashboard; 
Step 2: Plug the iCarScan into the OBDII port of the vehicle and the LED indicator will light up to show the operating status. 

1. Remove the iCarScan device after using. Do not leave it in the OBDII port; 
2. Turn off the ignition before plugging or unplugging the iCarScan device. 

4.Purchase diagnostic software 

Step1 Tap on "Full-System Scan" to enter the car line software list or "Special Tools" to enter the tool software list; 
Step2 Select the software, tap on the vehicle name or tool name to see more software details; 
Step3 Tap on "Buy It Now" to enter the purchase confirmation page; 
Step4 Tap on "Pay" and follow the instructions to complete payment.